Code of Conduct by Sweef Furniture - Suppliers and factory

All of the suppliers, partners and factories that we collaborate with, has to sign our Code of Conduct and thereby agree to meet the following demands.

The supplier shall:


  • Comply with all national laws and all laws applicable to the Supplier and its operations
  • Ensure that invoices, information and certifications are complete and correct
  • Have zero tolerance for bribery and corruption, such as giving or offering something of value to a government official or company representative, to influence a decision
  • Avoid situations that can lead to conflicts of interest, such as exploiting business partners
  • Conduct a legitimate business where money laundering or illegal payments do not occur
  • Do not use or disclose sensitive or confidential information regarding Sweef
  • Do not share personal information about Sweef's customers, except to employees or partners who have a legitimate business need for the information, and in that case always in accordance with applicable data protection laws
    Human Rights:
  • Respect internationally recognised human rights, including those expressed in the United Nations International Bill of Human Rights*
  • Recognize and respect the right to freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining of its employees and/or workers consistent with national laws and regulations
  • Advocate equal opportunities and rights for all regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, beliefs, disability or age
  • Provide a good standard and fair salary, holiday pay and compensation for overtime according to current laws
  • Have zero tolerance for bullying, violent or threatening behaviour
  • Do not use any form of forced labour, use violence / threats to get employees to work, or take their employees' identity documents
  • Ensure that employees have legal working hours, wages and benefits that comply with laws and industry standards
  • Do not employ or use child labour
  • Respects the right of workers to form unions or other kinds of workers' associations and to engage in collective bargaining
  • Provide transparency in the supply chain and take reasonable measures to avoid the use of raw materials that directly or indirectly fund groups that violate human rights

*The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966) and its two Optional Protocols, and the International Covenant on Economic and Cultural Rights (1966)

Health & Safety:

  • Proactively manage health and safety risks to create an accident-free work environment where work-related injuries and illnesses are prevented
  • Comply with labour laws, health and safety laws or international labour standards set by international organisations
  • Offer relevant safety training for employees in their work
  • Use safety devices during factory production and meet the need for personal protective equipment
  • Report on improvements regarding eventual unsafe working conditions associated with Sweef's manufacturing

  • Take a precautionary approach towards environmental and climate challenges
  • Use resources efficiently and minimise the use of harmful substances
  • Constantly improve and sort factory waste as much as possible and return as much material and material waste as possible, whenever possible use recycled material back into the production and share our long-term vision about a circular sustainable manufacturing process
  • Be active in operating and report on projects or areas that will improve the sustainability aspects of work around production
  • Continuously inform and provide customers from Sweef with facts, tips and ideas about product development that can improve production with a more positive impact on the environment
  • Report on long-term environmental goals for your business
  • Update and report the status of Sweef's environmental goals where our cooperation has an impact

Compliance and reporting

The code of conduct must be signed by all Sweef Furniture (Sweef AB) suppliers. New suppliers before placing their first purchase order. Existing suppliers within 6 months from receiving the document. For reporting on deviations, notify Sweefs chief of brand and partners; CEO and purchasing manager Alex Baumann,