We have the opportunity to arrange deliveries abroad to a few number of countries. Please contact us,, with your request to arrange a delivery to any of the countries below:

  • Finland – Shipping price 3000 SEK
  • Denmark – Shipping price 3000 SEK
  • Germany – Shipping price 3500 SEK
  • Norway – Vennligst bruk

Please observe that the delivery only goes as far as the street/entrance of the address. Please know that in most cases you have to assist the driver with the unloading of the goods.


At the moment we unfortunately do not offer delivery outside Sweden to countries not listed above, but it is possible to book a pick-up of your goods at our warehouse in Jordbro, Stockholm. We can also transport the goods to a terminal in Sweden that is closer to the border. As the terminal cannot hold the goods, it is important that you make sure to have all packages picked up on the same day of the arrival, either by yourself or via a carrier.

These are the steps in which you can prepare for a delivery outside our range of delivery:

1. Find a shipping company that can deliver from Sweden to your country. We don’t have any specific companies to recommend – search the web for the company that suits your preferences best❣️

2. Plan the delivery from our warehouse:
Sun-Com Logistics AB
Lagervägen 1
136 50 Jordbro

3. Time to get clear on what you want to order! When you know this – you can ask us about the amount and the size of the packages – you’ll need this info when you quote for your international delivery.

4. Contact us when you’re ready to order, we will help you place it and give you all the information you need to make the payment. During the manufacturing process you will get email updates about when your order is preliminary due to arrive at our warehouse 🌟