När vi, i måndags, öppnade dörrarna till vårt showroom i Västberga möttes vi av en förfärlig syn. Björnen, papegojan och fyra andra djur hade på något sätt lyckats dyrka upp låset från insidan och var spårlöst försvunna! Hur detta har gått till är fortfarande okänt men vi kan konstatera att vi tyvärr har brustit i våra säkerhetsrutiner.

Stämningen på kontoret har sedan i måndags blivit mer och mer orolig. Dessa djur klarar sig inte ute i det fria hur länge som helst och nu, 48 timmar senare, börjar vi på allvar känna att vi kanske aldrig kommer att få återse dem. Nu behöver vi din hjälp! Om du ser papegojan, lejonet eller något av de andra djuren, ta en bild, lägg upp den på Facebook eller Instagram och använd hashtagen #hittadjuren.

Än så länge är ledtrådarna knappa men det florerar obekräftade rykten som antyder att djuren gör sig redo för en stor händelse som äger rum nu på måndag. Vi återkommer givetvis så fort vi har mer information!


6 maj, 2014


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Hi there I am writing you a extremely gang of great vocalists and also focus on you the good expertise anyone lovely suggests blend together and once I had an opportunity to actually head over to The united states in addition to talk to less complicated the one particular big dream is to satisfy anyone yet again in case not any I could be with a person also have fun with i really might fill up my very own fantasy. I not realize when should you come back to Europe but think a number of and not almost and so conceivably perhaps in addition nevertheless me and if a person actually find a way to check out The united states, in addition to certainly I might be satisfied once we have your personal actions about the non-active ever have witnessed. If only a person take care for the complete group every single achievement as well as provides great activities mainly great inside your operations. All over again I wish best wishes for a wonderful time.

We uncertainty this is the place just for this, although… I have trouble with our own recent copyright laws, u believe that how our current approach to government functions the lobby is a root cause of this. Our legal guidelines usually do not equally secure every person, many people simply shield the particular passions of the loaded several. Is it possible not necessarily some way to switch how everything is? Precisely what proportion on the people could be mistreated before authentic alter might be moved that occur? All of our legal guidelines are actually contorted and sprained to benefit the prosperous fraction. Example: I’m the land surveyor. My family has worked to execute research for people to get four decades. We are always put money on really competitively occasionally losing profits to obtain careers expecting we would make all of our earnings with the actual files in order that we’d get the be employed by long term research along with the ability to carry out all of them very easily just by modernizing exactly what facts many of us actually experienced upon file. Now this very same system of lawmaking that may be guarding the RIAA is allowing it industry and the like which have been accumulating copies in our surveys in order to distribute them how to folks taking affidavits for closings employing the help their own income along with eliminating us all through creating wealth for the individual sebaceous work and also function. What bothers me personally nearly all about it is that, eventually, it will have a lawsuit with a customer survey we have years before, that has been employed for a afterwards closing in opposition to our own may as well as the surfaces will area against us for a career we did not also receive money to get. Coming from composed many individuals throughout govt looking for help in getting merely to obtain residual design template replies or any reply at all. Romans had the idea much better 2100 a long time ago. We think many of us are now living in any democracy, however I actually dread it is not necessarily obviously any good republic. Most of us vote that will put several grouped Republicans or even Democrats inside administration, merely to possess our own laws and regulations created along with reformed to profit a rich small section, by simply lobbyists funded through and also addressing some sort of loaded couple of. That same govt many of us elected intended for puts a minimal main concern about the needs in the bulk, inside the notion that loaded not many are more smart or are considerably more worthy compared to bulk. I’m scared our authorities happens to be really a good Birth.
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Tried the modern BASSE CONSOMMATION person along with deleted this… the particular KService. exe had not been eliminated. in case you get rid of, you must physically get rid of the kservice…

You might come across Such assessments Either on the internet or through a career counselor. They are Useful purpose only if Conducted properly. Many a times, people use ‘em standalone and INSTEAD of qualitative self reflection / introspection, All which is not recommended. Self reflection must form the foundation of your career decision making and development. Nothing can beat the insights generated from Such an exercise and it can be very rewarding aussi in Many Ways. to further refine results, Provide more ideas or Eliminate choices.

Pohlers profiles Wolfsburg squadThe goalkeeper is ”small but feisty”, they have a ”crazy” defender and a ”sprinter” with ”pure muscle” going forward.


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Un futuro all’Inter non da escludere a priori: ”Potrei tornare all’Inter ma tifosi dovrebbero stare buoni e societ puntare in alto. Alcuni giocatori dell’Inter non li conosco neanche”.

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